On The Level w/ Fred & Chris...

024 Lessons From The Master Mason Degree Part 7!

May 17, 2023 Fred & Chris Season 1 Episode 24
On The Level w/ Fred & Chris...
024 Lessons From The Master Mason Degree Part 7!
On The Level w/ Fred & Chris... +
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Show Notes

In Episode 22 Fred & Chris continue their discussion of the lessons learned from the Master Mason Degree. 

They discuss personal religion and how Freemasonry actually helps you strengthen your personal relationship with your creator and within your own faith, as well as how we learn to respect other faiths of people we care about. 

How Freemasonry helps inform the creation of our Country by our founding fathers. 

discussion about the esoteric meaning of "low twelve", its opposite "high twelve" and the importance of the number 12 in ancient mysticism. 

The chamber of reflection and how it was used by our brethren in the past in our ritual. 

We talk about the most recent ruling & decisions regarding the proper attire for lodge meetings and our duty as masons to follow Masonic Law and the steps to go through to change it lawfully if you think it needs to be improved. 

A discussion about the five points of fellowship and why they are a secret in our system.

the symbolism of two clasped hands and how that relates to Fides and its relation to the same being mentioned in the EA Lecture about Fidelity and the origins of the word.

How the lodge is a safe haven for critical thinking, challenging ideas, and talking about difficult things within the safety of the fraternal trust network and contrast that with the toxic challenging real world we live in today.

The lion of the tribe of Juda. Who are we talking about? What does Freemasonry say the meaning of this is and what does it mean to you?

Once again Fred leads us into a discussion about Batman!

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