On The Level w/ Fred & Chris...

016 Racism & Freemasonry

March 08, 2023 Fred & Chris Season 1 Episode 16
On The Level w/ Fred & Chris...
016 Racism & Freemasonry
On The Level w/ Fred & Chris... +
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In this important Episode, Fred and Chris discuss the issue of Racism in the fraternity. From discussing the history and current status of Prince Hall, to dealing with issues within our own Lodges and Appendant bodies, we explore the various challenges we face today in Freemasonry. 

Chris brings to everyone's attention this important part of the Masonic Digest in the Jurisdiction of Florida: 

" A dark ballot cast based solely on a Candidate’s race, creed, or country of origin shall be found CLEAR, and the Candidate shall be Initiated, Passed, and Raised WITHOUT OBJECTION unless a valid objection is forthcoming. (2008 Proc. 107-108)"

Please help us educate the craft that Grand Lodge has provided for the presiding officer to overturn a ballot when race, creed, or country of origin are in question, and it becomes the burden of the person that dropped the black cube to make their case for a legitimate reason for the black ball to stand. 

We hope you enjoy this episode and we fully expect to be getting some feedback on this one!

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